Personal Detail

Doctor Name (Prof.) Dr. S. Om Goel, MD/DM
Primary Specialty Physician
Experience 30 Years

Education & Training

Medical Education MD Medicine, USA DM/Fellowship, USA
Residency Phoenix
Practice Areas Phoenix, Arizona


I am Dr. S. (Om) Goel, M.D., DM.
I belong to the family of doctors (we are four brothers and we are married to our wives who are all physicians). We are from the top medical colleges of India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Delhi University Medical Schools/Medical Colleges.
I am the youngest of the four brothers and as I went through my medical education, I followed my brothers to the US for my M.D. medicine training and DM fellowship.


Professor level Dr. S. (Om) Goel, the founder of Add15Years/Nextsteplivinglonger is from a well known family of doctors from AIIMS and Delhi University.

He has been practicing medicine in the USA/India for more than 40 years as a specialist in family medicine, general medicine, diabetes and blood pressure.

Dr. Goel started being recognized among his colleagues as the top 10 doctors in the field of internal medicine, general medicine in NCR based on his qualification, knowledge, and expertise and his experience and 100% successfully managing the dengue epidemic among his member patients in NCR, India in October 2012. He was highly praised by his colleagues for his achievement.

Dr. Goel was offered to run a hospital as a medical director or becoming a director of medical school in India by his colleagues, but Dr. Goel’s passion has been to maximize the lifespan of Indian community all over India and specifically in relation to rampant silent killer as mentioned by India Today, the heart attack.

If we were to follow Dr. Goel’s recommendation, no one should have a sudden heart attack or at least you will come to know that you are at a very high risk of getting a heart attack within the next 5 years.

Our Motive

Last 15-20 years, my passion has been to add 15 years to the life of our Indian community all over India.
And help them to achieve a life span of 85 years.
At present, reality is yes 5 out of maybe 100 Indians may make it to 80-95 years.
But again reality is to live a healthier life beyond 50 years of age and it is becoming a challenge in India for our highly educated middle class families and their parents.
It is so obvious to all of us that we are at risk of the “sudden death” or “poor health,” costing lakhs of rupees in our wonderful years or to manage a sudden crisis.
We are seeing more and more such incidents between the ages of 45 years to 65 years.
The fact is, it can be easily prevented and anticipated today in 2022.

We have the knowledge and technology.
And we are for real. We are not joking.
I could not have made this statement 20-30 years ago.
20-30 years ago, it would have taken us, just as a simple example it would have taken us 5-10 years to make vaccine for the COVID epidemic and so many people would have died from COVID epidemic all over the world, but today,
CRISPR which is a Nobel prize winning revolutionary technology, we can do wonders and that was the technology involved in the vaccine so fast.
Also, everyone has to realize or it should sync into everyone that today the health is not just about physical health,

It is about our mental health.
It is about our social health.
It is about our financial health.

And all these aspects of health are highly interrelated and very important. If we ignore one aspect, it will affect all other aspects of our health.

Our Strength

My team and I can really help you.
Our #1 concern is a sudden heart attack or getting a stroke.
After talking to you, we can anticipate or prevent both.
And in the long run, to be very honest, it will help you to save lakhs of rupees.